what is financial planning?

It’s a decision to move beyond financial uncertainty and anxiety to financial clarity, confidence, and peace of mind. It’s a pathway to align your wealth with your values and goals. It’s a realization that winging it with your money is not getting you to where you want to be. It’s a commitment to wise financial living. 

I think financial planning is the essential blueprint and process to successful life and legacy planning. My clients’ lives are complex. Their goals stretch out over many seasons of life and there are unlimited opportunities to spend limited resources along life’s journey.

Just as an engineer needs a plan in order to successfully complete a project and an artist needs a vision to create a masterpiece, so we need financial plans to guide us to the realization and enjoyment of our life’s hopes and dreams.

Do you have written financial plans that will help you achieve and experience what matters most to you in life?
Have you reviewed those plans with someone who can be objective and offer sound advice?

The hopes, dreams, and goals that my clients in Loveland hold dear all come with a price tag. The joys of raising a family, starting a business, providing children with an education, enjoying retirement, buying a dream home, charitable giving, leaving an inheritance… all require money. Because we live in an economy that thrives on spending over saving, media marketing that encourages impulsive buying, and a society that promotes instant gratification over intentional living, comprehensive financial planning is absolutely essential to realizing life’s priorities. To that end, I work together with my clients to help them envision their lives through the corridor of time and then determine the means necessary for bringing those visions to reality. I ask my clients to picture what they want to be doing, where they want to be living, and what matters most to them in life. I then plot a financial course that will guide them to their intended destinations and adjust as needed through the seasons of their lives.

Financial plans can be a strong foundation on which to build and grow our lives. A strong foundation is set on principles. I use these five principles when helping my clients to think better about their financial world.

  • 1. What we treasure most in life was most likely not acquired with money.
  • 2. Consistently spend less money than we earn.
  • 3. Avoid consumer debt whenever possible.
  • 4. Wealth is usually the result of hard work over many years rather than overnight success or financial market timing.
  • 5. Generosity.

With a strong foundation laid on sound principles, we can then implement the strategies. The implementation covers these four aspects of planning.

Short-Term Planning: This includes spending plans, budget creation, debt elimination strategies, cash flow analysis, tax strategies, and charitable giving plans.
Are you purposefully saving and spending for both today’s enjoyment and tomorrow’s dreams?
Long-Term Planning: This includes Social Security benefit maximization, net worth analysis, retirement planning scenarios, retirement tax strategies, family dreams, education goals, long-term care, and parental care strategies.
Are you on track with your long-term retirement and education goals?
Investment Management Planning: This includes employer retirement plan reviews, asset allocation, personal rate of return analysis, diversified portfolios, professional management, periodic rebalancing, cash flow needs analysis, and market risk appetite.
Does your investment strategy lead you to wise investment decisions?

Estate & Insurance Planning: This includes will & trust reviews, estate distribution strategies, life, disability, and long-term care insurance needs analysis, philanthropic goals, family conferences, and family legacy desires.
Is your family prepared for the unexpected?





Let me help you get on the path to financial security, confidence, and peace of mind.